What Creative Consultants Get Paid For

There’s the story of the plumber who arrived to fix a leaking faucet in an old man’s house. This was after the old man had tried for several hours to stop the drip-drip of the tap and failed. 

The plumber came in, tapped a part of the pipe and the leaking stopped. He turned to the old man and said, “That will be $100.”

The old man, aghast, said, “What? $100 for just tapping a pipe? C’mon! Any idiot can tap a tap! That shouldn’t cost more than $5.” 

The plumber sighed and said to the old man: “Tapping the pipe is $5. Now, knowing where to tap? That’s $95.”

Consultants are paid to ask the right questions. And they ask the right questions because they know where to look. With training, continual study, on the job experience and an objective mindset, they critique the situation better than you, develop quality questions, which should then lead to quality answers. Now, what to do with those answers, they’re also trained to know that.

If a man solves your problem, pay him. 

Pay the consultant.

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I poke at ideas to see what's inside. A lot of times I generate my own. Sometimes, people pay for those ideas. And, obviously, I like to tell stories about creativity.

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