A Note On Writing

When I was in secondary school, I owned a physics textbook. It was the worst textbook for physics in the history of the science class. Boring grey pages, longwinded, stilted, bulky, frightening, punitive. Principles of Physics. It was by M. Nelkon. Jesus, the book was terrible. No matter how hard the teachers tried, I just couldn’t keep up because my textbook was killing me. There must be something wrong with my brain, I thought.

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Suddenly I was published in Forbes

Okay, that’s reckless hyperbolism. My grand arrival in that famed continental magazine was anything but sudden. That story took me all of three weeks, plus a couple of extra sleepless nights—factoring in interviews, research, transcriptions, rewrites, edits, and reverts.

But one day, just as I languished in one of those Lagos traffic jams on Alfred Rewane Road, Ikoyi, I saw Ayeni Adekunle and Steve Babaeko on the cover of Forbes Africa and I was like, Wait, that’s my story.

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