How To Make Money Watching TV, Like Tajudeen Adepetu

Picture a police line-up. Yes, I know—we don’t do those here, but you’ve seen a ton of Hollywood movies. So, yes. Now, picture a police line-up. Ten 50-something-year-olds. All dark. Medium height. Verdant eyebrows. Controlled salt and pepper goatees. Polished domes. Your task: pick out Tajudeen Adepetu. Can you? Most people can’t. But if you ask Mr Adepetu, he’s just fine with that.

For a person who’s been in broadcasting for more than 30 years, the legend of Tajudeen Adepetu — creator of hit TV shows Everyday People and Family Circle, as well as the Soundcity Radio Network, SoundCity TV, ONTV, ONMax, Trybe TV, Spice TV, and UrbanTV — is that as large as he looms over Nigeria’s entertainment industry, he has continued to pull a ginormous disappearing act. Writer, producer, and director, he’s the showbiz personality who’s good with the show and great – some have said “the best”—with the biz.

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