Want to be a star? DON’T write that Autobiography!

A Book. The non-fiction variety, especially. It does one thing exceptionally well. If you write one, for instance, it helps you record your accomplishment and secure your legacy. 

You know what they say about history. It is written by the winners. And, history becomes canon when it is recorded in written form. 

Let’s say you come back in the year 2122 and you want to know who the thought leaders were a hundred years prior; someone may show you this post of mine — and bam, just like that, you may conclude that Sam Adeoye was a phenomenal thinker, a dude of monumental intellectual veracity, a man blessed with a giant of a brain who championed the cause of independent creatives and consultants in Africa. Please say that about me, please. Please?

So, now you feel like writing a book. Because, of course, you’ve made some achievements and you’d like your own personal first draft of history. Like me, you want to be remembered for doing something cool. What kind of book should you write?

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