Suddenly I was published in Forbes

Okay, that’s reckless hyperbolism. My grand arrival in that famed continental magazine was anything but sudden. That story took me all of three weeks, plus a couple of extra sleepless nights—factoring in interviews, research, transcriptions, rewrites, edits, and reverts.

But one day, just as I languished in one of those Lagos traffic jams on Alfred Rewane Road, Ikoyi, I saw Ayeni Adekunle and Steve Babaeko on the cover of Forbes Africa and I was like, Wait, that’s my story.

The vendor guy caught my eye and chased after my car. “Oga, you wan buy?”

“As a matter of fact, my dear man, I would love to purchase some. Do you have up to 50 copies?”

“Ha, Oga!” The man grinned. “Fifty ke? Na only four remain.”

“Thank you, I shall take them all—posthaste.”

And that’s what I did. You know why? I’d been writing for more than 20 years on a professional level, you know, learning, tweaking, growing, relearning, tweaking some more, etcetera… but this was the first time my stuff would be appearing in Forbes.

Thanks to Steve Babaeko, CEO of X3M Group, who let me do the profile on his company and himself. One day, I’ll tell a more detailed story on that enigma of a person—some behind the scene moves he’s been making.

And many thanks to Ayeni Adekunle , CEO of BHM Group, who said to Steve, “Who else to write your profile, Steve, than Sam Adeoye?” Aww, bro, that was quite touching.

Now, a message from our sponsors:

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