Decentralised Links vs Instablog9ja vs Linda Ikeji is no longer on Alexa’s top 10 list of sites in Nigeria. For about a decade it was there at the top and only got pushed down when the likes of first burst onto the Nigerian media scene. At the time, you’d also find Bella Naija and YNaija on the top 10. Now, none of these blogs are in the top 20. So what happened to Linda Ikeji?

Instablog9ja is the new Linda Ikeji. 

Exactly the tools Linda used to gain notoriety 13 years ago are what Instablog now uses. Scandalous posts, innuendos, and snark. People hate it and people love it. But unlike Linda Ikeji, Instablog is not a blog, blog; it’s an Instagram account. Its rivals are @Gossipmill and @Tundeednut. They’re all shining now but of course, nothing lasts forever, especially as innovation now moves faster on the world wide web. 

As TikTok continues to gain ground, a new bonfire will flare up to distract people from Instablog. That, another surprise invention, or some algorithmic change on Instagram will cause the audience and advertisers to migrate away.

Essentially, Instablog9ja and Co are media companies whose fortunes are at the mercy of the platforms on which they choose to reside. But what if that is no longer the case? What if instead of searching for content by where it is (http/https), we search for content by what it contains– the subject matter?

The time is right for this. The Decentralised Web. DWeb. Decentralised Links. People, including Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the WWW), are already working on DWeb. It will give both content creators and their fans better control over how long their relationships last. Constantly having to chase the hottest new social network may become a thing of the past. Plus, DWeb will greatly improve privacy and stifle censorship. 

This is old news, of course. But it’s great to celebrate the fact that a decentralised Web isn’t just a narrative device on the HBO comedy series, Silicon Valley.

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