Coffee Appreciation Post – This Used To Be Illegal

When the euphoric effect of coffee hits, it won’t be out of place for the drinker to feel that the beverage is a hard drug.

All hard drugs are controlled, if not absolutely delegalised. Which is why coffee used to be illegal in several countries, including Saudi Arabia. In Constantinople, the government used to flog drinkers and execute anyone caught with it.

But coffee is brilliant. Science keeps discovering the health benefits and, unlike alcohol, coffee gives you no hangover. Aside from the crash that some may experience when the caffeine wears out, coffee helps many execute their daily demands with great joy.

Right now, coffee is gaining ground in Nigeria and in Lagos, it’s not shocking to find hotels and cafes where a cup of Americano sells for as much as $4.

To investors, a new subsector of the food industry is about to serve new opportunities.

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