Computer Commandos Are Coming For You

Sometime around 2000, they were doing this thing at The Guardian. They’d pack the staff into a tiny room upstairs for some kind of training. If you didn’t know what they were doing in that room, as you walked by, seeing the stiff backs of grown men and women as some stranger talked at them, you’d be confused.

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A Note On Writing

When I was in secondary school, I owned a physics textbook. It was the worst textbook for physics in the history of the science class. Boring grey pages, longwinded, stilted, bulky, frightening, punitive. Principles of Physics. It was by M. Nelkon. Jesus, the book was terrible. No matter how hard the teachers tried, I just couldn’t keep up because my textbook was killing me. There must be something wrong with my brain, I thought.

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Three Jews and a Nigerian Walk into a Bar…

James Altucher has no filter. He exposes everything that has ever happened to him to absolute strangers on the Internet. He talks about his first divorce, he talks about his second divorce, and he won’t stop talking about his many financial failures. There was that time he moved into Hotel Chelsea in New York City, with a troupe of colourful characters as neighbours; and that other time he sold all his belongings so he could relocate into a duffle bag. James Altucher is an American businessman and writer who blogs about every single thing. He’s also Jewish.

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Decentralised Links vs Instablog9ja vs Linda Ikeji is no longer on Alexa’s top 10 list of sites in Nigeria. For about a decade it was there at the top and only got pushed down when the likes of first burst onto the Nigerian media scene. At the time, you’d also find Bella Naija and YNaija on the top 10. Now, none of these blogs are in the top 20. So what happened to Linda Ikeji?

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