Meet The Nigerian Who’s Now Better At Business Than Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a fraud. He pretended that he didn’t research the iPod. Or the iPhone for that matter. Steve Jobs has been quoted many times quoting Henry Ford who said this: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” Steve Jobs lied.

The truth is that Steve Jobs never asked people what they wanted. Because, of course, nobody knew what a better the best MP3 player would look like. Who would have thought that a mere MP3 player would become a thing of desire? But here’s what Mr Jobs knew: Continue reading Meet The Nigerian Who’s Now Better At Business Than Steve Jobs

You Will Speak Yoruba By Force

If you can’t speak your native language, you’re doomed. Sorry I don’t mean to be alarmist, but no matter how you cut it, it is still a tragedy. If you lose your identity, you neither belong here nor there. And neither do your spawn after you. You’re in an identity purgatory, which is like hell on earth. And you’re doomed.

So. I started thinking this way because someone in my office challenged my command of the Yoruba language. She said to me: Continue reading You Will Speak Yoruba By Force

My Mum, Popcorn, And My Best Friend’s Dad

I was eating popcorn when I received the call that my mom had died. My wife and one year old daughter were in the car with me. I parked the car, blocking the entrance to a residential building, and cried with childlike recklessness. When the security guard to that house came to shoo us away, he saw a grown man crying in front of his family and decided to let us be. I dropped the bag of buttered popcorn. Now, many months afterwards, every time I try to eat buttered popcorn, I remember the day my mom died and I lose my appetite.

The day my mom was buried, however, a friend of mine told me some fascinating stories about his dad. I’m going to tell you three of those stories. Continue reading My Mum, Popcorn, And My Best Friend’s Dad