A Great Performance In The Bathroom

If Archimedes had slipped and fallen in his bathroom, we probably wouldn’t have known the law of fluid mechanics when we knew it. But he didn’t, thank goodness.

Archimedes ran naked through the streets of ancient Syracuse, and on to the King’s palace to share his new discovery about fluids and weights. His has been the most storied light bulb moment ever recorded in the bathroom.

But till today, humans have continued to give extraordinary musical performances and receive staggering ideas while in the shower. Why?

Science says it’s because of dopamine, the hormone and feel-good neurotransmitter. It contributes to feelings of pleasure and satisfaction. So, a warm (or cold) bath could get you relaxed to the point that sparks begin to fly in your brain.

Also, while taking a bath, we are distracted from serious issues and at that moment, the thoughts that have been incubating in the subconscious can produce a surprising burst of ideas.

This is why the best ideas come to you in the bathroom and why, next time, you may need to go in there with a pen. Or a waterproof phone.

I think this post is wonderful. You can imagine where I got the idea to write it.

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