T’Aint By Ashish T-Shirts… Porn You Can Wear

These are not FCUK shirts. You’re not likely to get a benign wink and a little smile from passersby when you wear any of these risqué tops. In Nigeria, people will probably go all Miss-World-in-Nigeria-scandal on you if they see you in this. Or maybe they won’t. I mean, younger people are more open minded these days. But the question is: will you, while sober, wear any of these T’aint by Ashish t-shirts? Designer Ashish Gupta, founder of the Ashish label, is known for his lavish use of sequins, but in this collection of seven half-illustrated NSFW designs, he shows couples in the middle of coitus. Now, this guy. He’s British. He’s also Indian. Reminds you of Karma Sutra, doesn’t it? Say it ain’t so!

I guess you can picture what he’s going for. The designs are cool and a perfect conversation device, at clubs and parties where the adventurous would be readily found. Step into a room and you’ll see people’s eyes light up, some of them trying to mentally connect the dots to complete the picture on your shirt.

Or if you like, you won’t even wear the thing. Since it’s a limited edition release, you may simply imagine it as art (which it is) and just frame it. Each one only costs $120 now. Imagine what they will go for in, say, 10 years– assuming Ashish doesn’t ruin the value by flooding the market with more variations of the concept.

Some people think the T’aint by Ashish t-shirts, which are made in England, combine a childlike art form with adult themes to create an entertaining and playful set of t-shirts. But is it that complicated or he simply wanted to shock the market? Like, let’s see how many brave people are out there who will throw these on. Plus, nothing gets your brand out there better than good ol’ controversy.

t'aint by ashish gupta
Ashish Gupta… Photo: Telegraph


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