Why you need your own ‘Consigliere’

why you need your own consigliere

/noun [kawn-see-lye-ree]. Italian./

The Consigliere is the adviser to the mafia Don. Every CEO needs their own consigliere. This is why you need your own ‘Consigliere’ too.

The consigliere is the person who can show the CEO the other side of the CEO’s feelings, helps them put issues in perspective, makes them feel human. The consigliere is also a fantastic sounding board.

The consigliere is intelligent and well versed in the business the Don runs; so he “just gets it.”

Some people have said the consigliere is the most under-appreciated member of any startup team because he often has no official portfolio in the organisation. Sometimes, he’s just the boss’s “friend”.

If you have a consigliere, the leadership trip is less lonely and you can better control the often rowdy situation in your head.

* (google the pronunciation)