What is the biggest message of your life?

What is the biggest message of your life

15 years in the biz and I still hear the same concerns from top people. They want to build a public profile for themselves but the path just always seems littered with banana peels:

“I don’t want to sound too self-promoting.”
“Other people do the exact same thing I do, how can I say I’m unique?”
“There are more successful people in my field, where do I get the confidence to put myself out there?”
“When is the right time to ‘package’ myself?”
“Should I just put some features on some blogs?”
“Maybe I should just wear all black and everyone will see that black is my brand!”

It’s not that weird. Systematic, yes, but not complicated. First, there has to be a goal in mind. AND, to get to that goal, we’ve got to deploy some of the best tricks from the playbooks of advertising, PR, and journalism.

In the meantime, you just keep doing what you’re great at. The best positioning strategy will grab the best version of you to show the world how incredible you are.

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