What if you had a piggybank that’s totally out of your control?

Yesterday we were looking at ten thousand naira and we thought hey, it’s been a while, let’s try that grilled catfish they sell at Osata Supermarket.

“Oh my god,” someone said, “the sauce on that thing is fire! I bet it’s a family recipe—guy probably inherited it from his grandmother.”

“I swear.”

So we took a quick count of the people in the room. Eight. Wait, that’s 12K—the fish was 1,500 for one. We needed 2K more.

That’s where the problem started.

Thing is: no one wanted to add the extra 1K.  The 10K at hand was a gift a client had handed over as he left us after a long, zigzag meeting. He’d earlier promised to buy drinks if we’d give him extra time to talk.

We started looking at one another, taking turns to sing panegyrics to each other as The Big Boy or Big Girl. Eventually, one of us took one for the team and shelled out the 2K. That’s when I started thinking.

If your rent were N1,000,000 per year, it’d be N2,739.73 per day. 

N2,739.73 is not a lot for money for anyone who could pay 1,000,000 for a flat per year. But it’s something.

Looks like it

If you could find unexpected expenses as 2K for fish or malt, or beer, or peppersoup, or suya every day, it adds up, right? You can pay your rent with the “spare change” in your pocket.

The problem is how to put such an amount aside religiously every day, without the temptation to go into the app and spend it. Which defeats the purpose of the piggybank app existing.

Now, what if there was a real, tangible piggybank that takes control away from you.

When you buy the piggybank, you’d link it with an app to set how often you’d want to stuff cash into it and the date you’d want to access the savings.

When it’s time to make your savings, the piggybank will beep intermittently all day until you stick something into it.

The piggybank will not open until the day you set to withdraw your cash. Unless, of course, you unlock it with brute force.

I need this analogue-digital piggybank.

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