This Voice Mail Will Either Make You Angry Or Weep For Nigeria

2019 is just months away. We’ll be voting for a new government. Will there be real change this time?

I created a short video, The Call from Hope, to remind anyone who cares to listen that a certain group of Nigerias, the one clocking 40 this year, seems to have never experienced anything good in Nigeria.

Through my Facebook page, The Book of Sam, the clip is heating up the Web and WhatApp groups, and I think you should see it, too.

In less than 3 minutes, the powerful voice note captures decades of systemic failure, disappointment and challenges beating down the Nigerian youths.

It is only a tiny glimpse into the feeling of despair that young people are coping with. I’m sure we all know someone who’s in the same shoes as Hope. But, hopefully, we’ll make the change real in 2019.

Press play and feel free to share:

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