The Problem with D’Banj

Nobody does apology tours in Nigeria- this is not America. We just laugh about whatever the issues are, debate them vigorously on Twitter and click “NEXT!”

But this time around, D’Banj’s rape accusation, the attendant mess that seized the blogs, and the eventual withdrawal of charges against him has become a hotchpotch of blemish that appears to be impossible to wash out of the fabric of his reputation.

Unless, of course, D’Banj comes clean with a narrative that balances his natural bravado with a humanising story.

There may not be anything to apologise for anymore but he and credible third parties need to help the public see the authentic D’Banj again. And this project should be comprehensive and sustained.

Although the questions about the rape will endure for a while, the new positive headlines will rise to the top on his SERPs. This is not an image crisis he cannot overcome.

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