New Apple AirPods… Please What Is This?

These days, people say Apple is boring. Maybe it is. Yesterday (September 7), it launched its latest iterations of the iPhone. You might have seen them, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7s. Apple also showed off a new pair of wireless earbuds, aka earphones. These new accessories are called AirPods. The name makes sense because we already have iPods and no one wants any confusion. What bothers me, though, is the design.

We are already used to the iPhone 6 design, which is essentially what the iPhone 7 maintains. Even when the iPhone 8 arrives in 2017 with a curved screen and without a home button, the device may still preserve its current shape. That’s okay, you know, because that’s what the slimmest, sleekest phones (hello, Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge) look like these days. But when it comes to the AirPods, something’s not quite right.

You don’t have to look too closely to notice that the AirPods look like a throwback with a twist. They are like those bluetooth earpieces with a long stem for the mic.

iphone-7-with-airpods-apple-sam adeoye
iPhone 7 with AirPods

Apple’s long-term philosophy has been to pare down to the bare minimum. It’ll never give you a feature you don’t need. That’s why the iPhone is only a slab of glass with no keypad and the iPhone 7 has done away with the headphone jack.

But others have created more minimalist and more elegant wireless earphones. No, not the Samsung IconX. I’m talking about the Kanoa, for example.

kanoa wireless earphones
Kanoa wireless earphones

You may argue that the Kanoas are more expensive than Apple’s $159 AirPods but the price difference is not why they look more stylish. Look, Apple will not release anything to the market if it’s not sure that it’s beautiful. But sorry, guys, this is not fine.

We used to think hell will freeze over before someone makes a gadget sexier than anything from Apple. Well, it looks like hell is now covered in ice.

You can imagine how disappointed the fanboys are right now– even if they can’t say it. In the heat of the annual predictions and leaks, some of them had imagined the AirPods would look gorgeous– something like this:

airpods as imagined by an artist
AirPods as imagined by an artist. Weird.

But no, what you get doesn’t even come close. When you wear your new AirPods, they’ll look like this on you:

Apple AirPod in use. Weird.
Apple AirPod in use. Weird.

It’s like Apple simply snipped off the wires. Or maybe they couldn’t get the microphones to work without the long appendage.

But let’s be clear. The Airpods have excellent capabilities. They each have a 5-hour battery life, automatically detect when you’re wearing them, and can be used separately. You only need to synch them with one Apple device to use them with all your other devices.

The AirPods are the newest products Apple put on display at its event yesterday. All others were improved versions of their existing line. But it looks like many iFans will easily be lured away from these wireless earbuds.


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