My Mum, Popcorn, And My Best Friend’s Dad

“A father should tell his son the truth. Here’s the truth: don’t overdo it. And keep drinking.”

There are a few more morally questionable stories about my friend’s dad, but his sons love him. I have to say I’m also a fan of his candour. In spite of his predilections, he has raised some of the most upstanding young men I’ve ever known. In fact, his children found out about some of his quirkiness after they had grown up learning from him how to be honest, keep one’s word, and take care of one’s family. I guess he gave up his real self so he could be more responsible for his children. It’s now time for them to take care of him.


The undertakers laid concrete slabs over my mother’s grave. In her lifetime, she was extremely stern and absolutely imperfect. But I’m this way because of what she gave up to teach what she thought important to teach. I hope I was able to take care of her. So I’ll miss her. And I still can’t eat buttered popcorn.

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