Interesting: This Is The Real Face Of “33” Export


First of all, all my guys are ballerz. For this reason, they’re also drinkers. Now, even though I myself have never had a drink in my life, sometimes I buy the beer for them because, you know, that’s what good friends do.

But this year, I’ve decided to join the boys at the bar.  Why? I’m way over 18 years old, I like to have fun, and I’m a self-respecting baller. Naturally I need to pick a beer for this next level and my choice is “33” Export. Why “33”, you ask? Easy. Because “33” is just like me.

Look, I see the way people who drink “33” relate to it as if it’s the realest kind of friend they could ever have. The loyalty is absolutely one of a kind. They even have affectionate nicknames for the drink. I’ve heard uuku-uuku and I’ve heard tin-tin. Such intense romance towards a simple beer!

However, “33” deserves this love because it’s actually a down-to-earth personality. It appears to me like a brand you can feel at home around. When you choose “33”, you’re not pretending to be what you’re not; you don’t care if there are other entitled green bottles you could spend your money on to impress the strangers at the next table. All you want to do is pipe down and cool off. And that’s fine; no judgment.

“33” Export seems to know this, too. Although it looks new with its redesigned label and all, it never acts brand new around you. Instead, for like four years now, it has introduced itself as the No1 Beer for Friendship. Which, if you ask me, is pretty fitting.

With free nationwide concerts such as this year’s Connect Parties that are making 33 stops all over the country, as well as the signature game nights at neighbourhood drinking joints, “33” Export has committed a barrel of money to commandeer this marketing platform of friendship.

If you doubt how incredibly well the beer has done with its celebration of fun nights with pals, you go ahead and shout “Jenga!” in any bar tonight and see how people will probably respond with a chorus of “33”! Jenga, as you know, is that parlour game which has now become a fixture of spontaneous “33”-sponsored friendship nights.

As I’ve been told over the years, the taste of “33” has been consistently smooth and the feeling after having a cold one? Quite deeply satisfying. So, what has a man, or woman, got to lose for choosing such a balanced drink that wouldn’t even cause you to break the bank? My brother, nothing apart from your alcohol virginity. Absolutely nothing.

As usual, “33” Export Lager will be having a series of parties on July 30 to mark the World Friendship Day. And, after work, I, by the grace of God, will be hanging out with my baller friends to sample some “33”.

Here’s to good old friends, ladies and gentlemen. And cheers to drinking responsibly.

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