Suleman Momoh Is the Man Who Made the Famous ‘Proudly Nigerian’ Logo. Now, He Demands That You Do More With It

Suleman Momoh’s mark is everywhere. It’s more popular than the official brand Nigeria icon (Good People, Great Nation) that was forged in 2008 in the kiln of national politics and force-fed with a portion of the budget that should have left normal people constipated for days. Even the Dangote group, probably oblivious of where the artwork came from, prefer to stamp this exact ‘Proudly Nigerian’ ‘logo’ on their goods.

They Removed The Bar Beach

Lagos Bar Beach Eko Atlantic

Yesterday I drove by Ahmadu Bello Way and looked to the right. The beach was no longer there! Wait, who removes a beach? The Bar Beach, aka Victoria Beach, was always the highpoint of Ahmadu Bello Way. You knew it was always there. But now it’s not.

Malcolm Gladwell Goes Ninja With A Hot New Podcast Called ‘Revisionist History’

Malcolm Gladwell, remember him? He has a podcast now. What’s a podcast? Are you for real? Anyway, the point is that the wild-haired author of pop sociology bestsellers such as Blink, What the Dog Saw, Outliers, and Tipping Point is now doing radio-on-demand and he’s damn good at it, too. He has released five of the 10 episodes for this season. I listened to all them last night and boy, was I transported to places I’d never been! 

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