Is success killing your favourite Lagos Buka? Well, probably

Food is ready. Come inside. Point to the enormous cowtail dripping with a load of extra seasoned thick red stew. Demand a replacement for the ponmo that’s not as weighty as the one the Mama just served to that other man. Fufu? Pounded yam? Amala? Great. Take your seat. Wash your hands in the enormous plastic bowl being held out for you by a sublime beauty

You Will Speak Yoruba By Force

If you can’t speak your native language, you’re doomed. Sorry I don’t mean to be alarmist, but no matter how you cut it, it is still a tragedy. If you lose your identity, you neither belong here nor there. And neither do your spawn after you. You’re in an identity purgatory, which is like hell on earth. And you’re doomed. So. I started thinking this way because someone in my office challenged my command of the Yoruba language. She said to me:

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