Interesting: This Is The Real Face Of “33” Export


First of all, all my guys are ballerz. For this reason, they’re also drinkers. Now, even though I myself have never had a drink in my life, sometimes I buy the beer for them because, you know, that’s what good friends do. But this year, I’ve decided to join the boys at the bar.  Why? I’m way over 18 years old, I like to have fun, and I’m a self-respecting baller. Naturally I need to pick a beer for this next level and my choice is “33” Export. Why “33”, you ask? Easy. Because “33” is just like me. Look,

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For Sniper Insecticide… What Happened Sometime Ago May Repeat Itself…


One day in Nazi Germany, the president of Coca-Cola GmbH ran out of Coca-Cola syrup. Now, is it even possible to make Coca-Cola without Coca-Cola Syrup? No, it isn’t. It’s like trying to fry KFC chicken without the 11 herbs and spices. You cannot honestly still call that KFC, can you? That’s only TFC. So, what did Max Keith (that’s the Coke President’s name) do? He got creative.

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