Malcolm Gladwell Goes Ninja With A Hot New Podcast Called ‘Revisionist History’

Malcolm Gladwell, remember him? He has a podcast now. What’s a podcast? Are you for real? Anyway, the point is that the wild-haired author of pop sociology bestsellers such as Blink, What the Dog Saw, Outliers, and Tipping Point is now doing radio-on-demand and he’s damn good at it, too. He has released five of the 10 episodes for this season. I listened to all them last night and boy, was I transported to places I’d never been! 

The Morning After Effect: Afropolitan Vibes Is About To Blow

There’s something called the Morning After Effect. Nope, it’s got nothing to do with alcohol nor does it refer to athletic sex. It’s totally about music. Yes we realise that music is like an addictive drug for some people and many sexual encounters do demand a fitting soundtrack. But, for this special episode of our life-disrupting discussions, let’s consider the Morning After Effect of Afropolitan Vibes.

Uber is disrupting the taxicab experience in Lagos. Here’s how it’s doing it

If you haven’t heard, let me tell you something: Uber is a very big deal. No, not UberSocial, Uber. Just when everyone thought that the wheel on a taxicab couldn’t be reinvented, Uber went ahead and reinvented it. Although it tries to discourage people from calling it a taxi service, preferring ‘ridesharing’ company instead, the easiest way to understand what Uber is all about is to look at it as a cab service on steroids. However, what perfectly sums up the business idea behind the company is its tagline: Everyone’s Private

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