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How To Do PR Now

Because PR is mostly about making the news, public relations firms all over the world are rethinking the old models of their practice. The lines between advertising, experiential events, and media activations have disappeared. The reasoning these days is that you could conscript any of these other areas of mass communications to gain profitable media attention, a lot of which may also be free and worth millions of dollars. 

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Suleman Momoh Is the Man Who Made the Famous ‘Proudly Nigerian’ Logo. Now, He Demands That You Do More With It

Suleman Momoh’s mark is everywhere. It’s more popular than the official brand Nigeria icon (Good People, Great Nation) that was forged in 2008 in the kiln of national politics and force-fed with a portion of the budget that should have left normal people constipated for days. Even the Dangote group, probably oblivious of where the artwork came from, prefer to stamp this exact ‘Proudly Nigerian’ ‘logo’ on their goods.

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TOO MANY IDEAS? How to succeed despite your crazy mind

Every time I send an idea to any of my friends, I cross all my fingers and say 300 hail-Mary-mother-of-Gods.

As I proclaim, “Hey, check this out,” I put a fake smile in my voice and ask like everything’s cool. “What do you think of this one?”

While I tiptoe around my room waiting for their feedback, my head screams: Damn, I have gone and done it again. Shouldn’t I know by now that nobody wants to see another hot new brainwave from me!