Have You Been To Bolla’s Kitchen? Her 1-Minute Recipes Will Make Your Mouth Water

Apart from giving you an instant case of the munchies, videos from Bolla’s Kitchen are really straight to the point. In 60 seconds, you’ll see how some of your favourite meals are made– from the first dice to the last spice.

There’s a video of seafood okra, that addictive delicacy made popular by Yellow Chilli. You’ll also see stir-fried noodles, Ekuru (white moin-moin), and fried palm oil stew. I have a feeling that guys who’re seeking to be independent will find the Bolla’s Kitchen YouTube channel quite useful.

Bolla’s Kitchen is a creation of Bolla Bello. She wears many hats, really. Before now, she ran social media for IrokoTV. She did such an amazing job that the brash founder of the video on demand company went all ‘damn-that’s-awesome’ on her. Bello has also been an advertising copywriter and has worked as a manager at Wakanow. These days, she leads the team of designers, writers, and programmers at Sizuul Africa.

Don’t be fooled by the studio quality of these time-lapse videos. They are made in the kitchen of her home in Lagos. And she shoots and edits herself.

'Ekuru & Ata Dindin': Bolla's Kitchen Instagram
‘Ekuru & Ata Dindin’: Bolla’s Kitchen Instagram

A graduate of Mass Communication, where did she learn to do these video productions. “IrokoTV,” she said. “We had video editors but they were always too busy to help me cut the videos I needed for my social media job. So I learnt by just watching them work. Then I bought my own camera to shoot my own stuff.”

Why cooking videos, though? Why not, say, fashion? “Because I like to cook!” she says.

But why do you like to cook. Not everyone likes to cook. “Um,” she says… “it gives me joy.”

Bolla, who’s the older of her mom’s two daughters, says she learnt to cook by watching her mom cook. “Also, I also learnt by watching other YouTube videos.” Hmm. See where this is going? She’s a quick study who learns a lot just by watching others.

Beans, plantain and spicy beef sauce. #NigerianFood #NigerianRecipe #Beansanddodo #bollaskitchen

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She’s not the first to make cooking videos online, obviously. But her clean, approachable style is proving immensely popular. She frequently receives feedback on Facebook and Instagram from fans who try to make food the Bolla’s Kitchen way.

#LunchInspiration Semovita and Efo Riro ?? #foodphotography #NigerianFoodPhotography #foodporn

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But she didn’t start by making videos. At first, she only shared photos on Instagram. Then she noticed something. She says: “No one was doing videos the way I would have.

Bolla's Kitchen
Bolla Bello Photo: Bolla Bello

Most people do wide camera shots, showing themselves, talking through the whole thing. But why endure a five-minute video when I can watch a one-minute video that’ll still show me everything?” Ding, ding, ding!!

You should check out Bolla’s Kitchen on YouTube or Instagram. You might learn a thing just by watching. Plus, she takes requests.


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