Big Brother Naija Is Watching You… He Thinks You’re Too Boring

Ebuka BBN Abrandcadabra

If not, why would Biggie stuff the new Big Brother Naija house with influencers and those with big family names? Oh wait. Is it why he nicknamed this set the Pepper Dem?

It’s only Day 1 and there’s already a huge controversy about Big Brother Naija. If you’re like some critics who feel inclined to overanalyse everything, you’ve probably thought about it– this BBN is now only for celebrities and rich kids with prestige jobs and name recognition.

And you can sum up the current fuss with this tweet:


There’s also this guy, Terry. In case you’ve not heard, Terry is based in the UK and married to an Olympian. His wedding was covered by OK! Magazine.


So here’s the question: where did these people come from? It’s inconceivable to imagine these folks with their fresh faces and imported accents in the desperate crowd that almost trampled on itself at the deadly auditions?

If you remember clearly (or if you were even born then haha), the first Big Brother Nigeria, which made stars out of Katung and Ebuka, seemed to have been open to anyone. Although there was a little controversy when Katung, who was brought in midway during the contest, eventually won the prize money, to a large extent, the housemates then were mostly unknowns.

These days, Multichoice/DStv have made their calculations. They want housemates with massive twitter and Instagram clout, not randoms who might need 15 of the 90 days to first introduce themselves. Wouldn’t it be awesome if one of the 21 contenders is the grandson of the legend whose face you see on the N100 note? That way, people can start choosing favorites from week one since they already know the key contestants.

My next guest needs no introduction

Sorry, but the unknowns in the house are mere fillers. They stand zero chance of winning. Not just because we don’t know them but also for the reason that when it comes to playing for the cameras they’re learners—at least compared to vixens like Simply Tacha (IG: simply_tacha).

The general public at this moment is only good as voters and commenters and fans. In this case of BBN 2019, Biggie doesn’t want them near his diary room. Why? They can’t have entries riveting enough to even jot down.

As Big Brother contends with the fickleness of social media trends and unpredictable noise thereon (e.g. #coza), it has figured out the secret to stay top of mind: recruit professional newsmakers into the competition. Now let’s see how that pans out.

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