Hi! This is Sam Adeoye. I’m the guy who marries business writing with life writing and goal-oriented strategies so you can convert all your accomplishments into power and influence wherever you want.

I bring to this practice 20 years of combined experience in journalism, PR, and advertising — at the highest levels — to help CEOs, political leaders, entrepreneurs and other key persons craft a narrative that will result in respect and a legacy they can be proud of.

Beginning with the design of a “Launchpad”, we pull together all your “Assets” to engineer a “Controlled Narrative” that is fired at a specific Goal from a combination of new and legacy media.

Are you ready to launch your name into the realm of the stars?

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All my life, I’ve been in marketing communications.

In the beginning, I was a reporter at Vanguard, then at The Guardian, Lagos. Later, I switched to advertising, where I’ve spent more than 12 years, including three as creative director at DKK and another two as creative director at STB McCann Lagos. Somewhere in between, I was also at 141 Worldwide and Verdant Zeal.

At a point, I had the privilege to moonlight as the cofounder/founding COO of RedGecko, the PR agency in the Verdant Zeal Group. RedGecko is still there. They still do PR and custom publishing. Feel free to give them some love.

Meet The Team:

+234-803-441-7986. (SMS/WhatsApp is preferred for the first contact).

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